Okinawa has so much to offer including the beautiful sea, natural forests, world heritage sites with long histories, a unique food culture, a wide variety of shopping spots and more. Here are a selection of travel plans with the best destinations and attractions already arranged, so even first-timers are able to enjoy the trip.

Pick the plan which best fits your style of traveling between the First-timer Course, Area-specific Course, North Course by Bus and Shopping Area options to enjoy sightseeing in Okinawa!

  1. First Timer Course
  2. Area-specific Course
  3. North Course by Bus
  4. Shopping Area
First Timer Course
First stop in Okinawa for first-timers!
“First-timer Course” to travel around representative sightseeing spots in Okinawa efficiently is recommended for first time travelers. Busy Naha area and the northern area nestled in nature are definitely must-see spots!
Day 1

It is my first trip to Okinawa. Shurijo Castle Park, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, these are the places I want to visit, but I don’t know the location and in what order I should visit.” Here are the recommended plans for the first-timers to visit the major tourist spots. You don’t need to worry about anything as long as you have this plan!

Day 2

Let’s go to Northern Okinawa on the Day 2!
This is an area covering from the West Coast, where resort hotels are lined up, to Kori Island which is reached by crossing a large bridge, and also includes the very popular Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. On this route you will be driving from one beautiful blue ocean one location to the next, and you will be sure to have such a fascinating experience that you will be determined to return again, and again!

Day 3

The final day of the trip. While remembering the beautiful view of Okinawa, head to Naha City from Northern Okinawa. You cannot forget to buy souvenirs before you leave. Various types of souvenirs are available at the airport, but it is good to stop by at a nearby outlet mall before heading to the airport. Let’s get a souvenir for yourself as a memory of the trip.

Area-specific Course
Enjoy sightseeing around your hotel!

You need to know which sightseeing spots are located around the hotel you will be staying in. In that case, the Area-specific Course is very convenient for you to refer to and will help you make the best use of your time. Here are the suggestions for North, Central, South, Naha, and the East Coast!

Northern Okinawa

Northern Okinawa, called Yanbaru, is an area rich in nature and beautiful scenery. Although it takes 2 hours to get there by car using the expressway from Naha, this attractive area is well worth a visit during your stay. The most popular attraction in this area is definitely Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. Start your trip from there, and enjoy driving in Yanbaru to take in the beautiful nature, gourmet and local products.

Central Okinawa

Let’s enjoy unique local experiences by taking a course that explores Central Okinawa. When it comes to Okinawa, a highlight must be the beautiful sea. Explore the amazing world beneath the waves by doing scuba diving and snorkeling at Okinawa’s No.1 spot. Furthermore, spend a memorable time at a theme park where you can experience Okinawan culture such as traditional arts and crafts.

Southern Okinawa

There are many legends about the beginning of Ryukyu in Southern Okinawa, and the foundation behind the stories still remain here. Let’s trace such nature spots on this trip. The trip begins with panoramic views, and the scent of green trees and the cool sea breeze will be easing your body and soul by the end of your journey.


Naha is a gateway to Okinawa and the first place you visit will most likely be Naha Airport. For the first-timers, and people with only limited time, a travel plan within Naha emphasizing short distances between locations might be most suitable.
We suggest you look at the travel plan within Naha which requires only walking or taking public transportation.
This is also a convenient course for transit visitors as it is possible to do this itinerary in just one day.

East Coast

When speaking of the ocean surrounding Okinawa Main Island, many people might think of the West Coast area where resort hotels are concentrated. However, there are many attractions on the East Coast area as well. So, let’s have fun there!
Explore the charms of the deep East Coast area by driving to four islands on the Kaichu-doro (the Road Through the Sea).

North Course by Bus
Take a Relaxed Bus Excursion While Enjoying the Scenery.

The North Course by Bus is the best choice for those who want to enjoy seeing the sights of the towns at a slow pace, rather than renting a car for convenience. Forget about the time and devote yourself to uchina (Okinawan) time. Relax and enjoy Northern Okinawa.

North Course by Bus

You can enjoy a fast drive with a rental car to reach your destination quickly, but a leisurely bus trip is also another way to enjoy Okinawa because you can enjoy different views of Okinawan scenery and see the locals’ daily life from a bus window. This is an excellent choice for those who do not want to drive long distances, and would rather be relaxed and enjoy a leisurely trip. 

Shopping Area
Choose shopping zones in order of your preference.

Shopping at brand shops both domestic Japanese or international, Okinawan souvenir shops, and markets selling local ingredients are available. There are also large electronics stores that offer a wide range of items. Shopping is one of the attractive activities of a trip to Okinawa. Find an exciting and comfortable shopping area for your needs!

Shopping Area

Shopping in Okinawa is one of the attractive activities for tourists, as there are well-known domestic and international brand stores, souvenir shops, markets where you can purchase local ingredients, large appliance stores and so on. Lets visit these exciting and comfortable shopping areas!