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Get Connected with Locals ; Experience Activities Like Locals and Feel the Warmth of Okinawan People

Posted on March 26th, 2019

Looking for different experience in Okinawa? Get connected with locals will let you have unforgettable memories of the warmth of Okinawan people!

In Itoman city in the southern part of Okinawa main island, you can experience variety of Okinawan cultures and daily life together with the locals.

Collaborating with local who has sugar cane farm and also guided by locals, you can experience in picking sugar cane and enjoy the fresh sugar cane right after picking it!

Mochi has been known as Japanese traditional eatery, but mochi made by Okinawan people is different! Okinawan mochi is made from mochi flour, red sweet potato flour, and Okinawa brown sugar. The dough wrapped with Okinawa ginger leaves that makes the mochi aromatic then steamed until well-cooked.

Like Okinawan traditional musical things? Experience sanshin is a must!

Sanshin is Okinawan musical instrument in three strings, the precursor of the Japanese shamisen. Local teacher will show you how to play the sanshin.

From sugar cane picking experience, mochi-making experience to sanshin experience, locals in Itoman city has a lot of joyful experiences you can enjoy! Especially if coming in groups, you can enjoy various of activities.

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