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Experience The Traditional Okinawa in Ryukyu Mura, a Place You Will Never Forget!

  • Posted on March 26th, 2019

In the old days, Okinawa was a kingdom known as Ryukyu Kingdom, rich with its original yet unique cultures. Comes from the name, Ryukyu Mura is a theme park about Okinawa traditions located in the central part of Okinawa main island.

Walking to the entrance, you will be welcomed with Okinawa traditional houses providing variety of activities, from coral picture frame making and shisa painting to stone accessories making.

* Shisa is traditional Ryukyu cultural artifact in lion-dog shaped that is derived from Chinese guardian lion. Often being found in front of a house, shop, etc.

In Ryukyu Mura, you can have experience wearing Okinawa kimono! Okinawa kimono is colorful and rich of vivid patterns, the sleeves are much more widely open and has no obi, different with iconic Japanese kimono. The kimono has lighter weight and has pleated skirt on the lower part of the kimono, so it keeps you cool in tropical Okinawa and very easy to walk. Choose color you like and take pictures!

After wearing kimono, let’s get deeper inside the park! Have a walk between the traditional old houses of Okinawa and enjoy the calming yet relaxing greenery! If the time comes (every day on 10:00 and 16:00), you can see Ryukyu Mura attraction performing Okinawan arts, from Shisha performance, Eisa (dynamic dance with drums) performances, to Okinawan folk songs and Okinawan traditional dance.

* Please note that the schedule of performing arts may change without notice.

Furthermore, in Ryukyu Mura you may have a traditional Okinawa snack, Sata Andagi! It’s Okinawan fried doughnut made from flour, brown sugar, and eggs, so it has sweet taste, crispy inside and soft outside. Since coming to Okinawa, why don’t have it a try?

Ryukyu Mura also has prayer space inside the park. Located in the deeper side of the park, you can do pray inside Okinawa traditional house in tatami! Wudu’ space is available in front of the house and they also have a mat you can use to pray.

More about Ryukyu Village

Address : 1130 Yamada, Onna, Kunigami District, Okinawa 904-0416
Website : Ryukyu Village Official Website
Admission fee : Adults (age of 16 or more) 1,200yen, children (age of 6 to 15) 600yen
Open hours : 9:00 – 17:00