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Muslim-friendly Service in Yugaf Inn Hotel

Introduction of Muslim Friendly Hotels

Please find below hotels and facilities providing Muslim friendly services and souvenirs in Okinawa. Of course, the services below are not only available to Muslim guests, but to all other guests as well.


Hotel Yugaf Inn Okinawa

This hotel is located near by beach and convenient for access to sightseeing spot including Churaumi Aquarium. In addition they offered Muslim-friendly service.

Muslim-friendly certification by NAHA.Muslim-frindly service was started as an initiative to pursue universal service, which aims to provide appropriate information and services to people of all ages as well as those with disabilities and various religious and cultural backgrounds.




Muslim Friendly Menu

When traveling in groups, the hotel can also accommodate Japanese-style meals that meet Halal requirements with a reservation made at least 3 days in advance.
Waryuzen 4,000 yen, Tempura Gozen 2,500 yen




Accommodating Facilities for Worship

The hotel is able to prepare the prayer room with a reservation. The hotel has prayer mats, a timetable for the Okinawa region, and a Qibla available.