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Information on the Outbreak of Measles in Okinawa

Okinawa Prefecture

Information on the Outbreak of Measles in Okinawa

        Please consider getting vaccination shot when you visit Okinawa.


Currently, we have confirmed people who contracted measles in Okinawa prefecture.


As of May 21, 2018, there are a total of patients. There are a total of 99 people who contracted the disease as a result of this outbreak which started on March 20, 2018. There are newly infected patients.

The measles can be prevented by vaccination.
Symptoms of measles include fever, and rash, but the disease can trigger complications such as pneumonia and encephalitis, etc. And it may become severe.


Individuals who have had two shots of measles vaccine and those who have contracted the disease in the past (can be detected by antibody test) have low possibility of getting infected. Even if they do get infected, the symptoms are mild.

If you plan to visit Okinawa, we recommend you to get the vaccination before your travel. Please also consider taking out travel insurance in order to enjoy your travel without anxiety.


*Information to Warn Individuals about the Outbreak of Measles in Okinawa Prefecture

National Center for Global Health and Medicine (English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali)

*To get the number of patients referred here, we took the total number of infected individuals and decreased the number of individuals who have been infected for 18 days after developing a fever.

(Except for individuals who are seriously ill, those who have passed maximum 18 days after developing a fever are generally counted as being cured.)