【Flight Information】Skymark Airlines to Start New Domestic Flights from/to Shimojishima
The new Skymark Airlines flights to Shimojishima will make it easier to soak up the winter sun, sea and culture in Okinawa


The announcement of new Skymark Airlines flights to Shimojishima has come as a welcome boost to those wishing to soak up the sun, sea and culture in Okinawa this winter. The new domestic air routes to/from Shimojishima Airport will provide easy access to the Miyako Islands in Okinawa, Japan’s sub-tropical paradise. The four, new daily round-trip flights* from the Japanese carrier will become effective from 25 October and will connect to Kobe, Okinawa and Tokyo Haneda airports, making a trip to the idyllic islands of Okinawa an obvious extension from elsewhere in Japan.


*New Flights Schedule to/from Shimojishima

Kobe – Shimojishima eff 25OCT20 (1 flight daily)

Flight SKY163 Kobe 1040 – 1320 Shimojishima

Flight SKY164 Shimojishima 1410 – 1615 Kobe

Okinawa – Shimojishima eff 25OCT20 (2 flights daily)

Flight SKY541 Naha 1110 – 1205 Shimojishima

Flight SKY547 Naha 1700 – 1755 Shimojishima

Flight SKY542 Shimoji 1240 – 1330 Naha

Flight SKY546 Shimojishima 1515 – 1605 Naha

Tokyo Haneda – Shimojishima eff 25OCT20 (1 flight daily)

Flight SKY613 Tokyo/Haneda 1105 – 1435 Shimojishima

Flight SKY618 Shimojishima 1845 – 2125 Tokyo/Haneda

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