Sea off Okinawa appears on Google Street View as Japan’s first!


Underwater images off Okinawa have become available for viewing on Street View.

Today, we would like to unveil underwater images of eight locations, mostly off outlying islands, including the Yonaguni seabed formations.

Above all, the Sekisei Lagoon extending between Ishigaki and Iriomote Islands, known as the waters with the nation’s largest coral reef, will capture your heart with an incredible 360-degree panoramic view.

Street View is one of the Google Maps features provided by Google, which allows users to see 360-degree panoramic images of cities and tourist hot spots as if they were there.
To use Street View, search for a place you would like to see on Google Maps, and drag and drop the yellow human figure, Pegman, on the displayed map to see the street view from that location.

Available Underwater Points

Google Street View

Explore the ocean in Okinawa with underwater Street View.