Areas Open at Shurijo Castle


A fire occurred in the early morning of October 31st 2019 at the Shurijo Castle Seiden (main hall) in Naha on the Okinawa main island.
UNESCO World Heritage site Shurijo Castle’s Seiden, Hokuden and Nanden halls, along with other parts of the castle, were destroyed in the fire.

Shurijo Castle (on-site facilities, including those with paid admission) had been closed since October 31. However, the remains of the main building and other areas have been open to the general public since June 12, 2020. Please check the Shurijo Castle Park Official Website for details of which facilities are currently open.

About Shuri-jô Site

Shurijo Castle was the center of politics and culture during the Ryukyu Kingdom period. The castle was burnt to the ground in the Battle of Okinawa in 1945, but with the aid of expert researchers and craftsmen it was partially restored and opened in 1992 as the Shurijo Castle Park. With its iconic design and distinctive lacquered red color, Shurijo Castle was a symbol of Okinawan history and culture and its restoration was a long-cherished desire of the Okinawan people. On this solemn occasion, we sincerely pray for the day when we can see this iconic structure, once again, rise from the ashes.

About Reconstruction

We have received many words of encouragement and proposals of support in response to the fire. These are some of the projects and fundraising activities extending both within the prefecture and across Japan. Progress continues on the restoration of the main building, which was destroyed by a fire. The restoration is scheduled for completion in 2026.

Installations d’histoire et de culture

The Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum *En anglais
Naha City Museum of History *En anglais
Urasoe Art Museum *En anglais

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