News about the Shurijo Castle Park closure

A fire occurred in the early morning of October 31st 2019 at the Shurijo Castle Seiden (main hall) in Naha on the Okinawa main island.
The fire at the «Shuri-jô Site», which is registered as a World Heritage Site, destroyed the Seiden, Hokuden (north building) and Nanden (south building).
If you plan to travel, please be informed further information including traffic regulations.

Shurijo Castle Park

Operation of the surrounding Shurijo Castle Park facilities (including paid facilities) has been suspended from October 31st.
* Details regarding future park and facilities opening schedule are currently being confirmed.
We ask for the understanding of all who were looking forward to visiting this culturally and historically significant site.

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Notice of event cancellation

We will inform you of future events as soon as they are decided.

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About Shuri-jô Site

Shuri Castle was the center of politics and culture during the Ryukyu Kingdom period. The castle was burnt to the ground in the Battle of Okinawa in 1945, but with the aid of expert researchers and craftsmen it was partially restored and opened in 1992 as the Shurijo Castle Park. With its iconic design and distinctive lacquered red color, Shuri Castle was a symbol of Okinawan history and culture and its restoration was a long-cherished desire of the Okinawan people. On this solemn occasion, we sincerely pray for the day when we can see this iconic structure, once again, rise from the ashes.
Please visit other World Heritage listed sites and cultural facilities in the prefecture where you can learn about the history and culture of Okinawa.

Historical/Cultural facilities

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Multilingual Contact Center

It provides tourist information, interpreter services and caring support for travelers in emergencies.