Treeful Treehouse Sustainable Resort

Pictures: Egg treehouse room, wooden treehouse room and ‘Floating DNA Catwalk’ yoga


Okinawa is set to welcome the opening of a brand new sustainable luxury eco resort in April, 2021. Designed with the concept of bringing its guests closer to nature, Treeful Treehouse will offer secluded private rooms nestled amongst the jungle canopy alongside a communal Aerohouse space and activities for visitors to explore the local area.

Located in rural Nago on the north side of Okinawa Island, the resort will be home to four majestic individual treehouse rooms on the banks of the Genka River, each able to sleep two guests. The rooms have been individually crafted to sit seamlessly within the natural environment, built around the existing flora in the area, whilst still providing a luxurious glamping style setting and modern facilities including air conditioning. The wooden treehouse rooms boast 360 degree views and an outside seating area complete with cosy hammocks ideal for night-time stargazing. The unusual egg treehouse room, inspired by boats and crafted by a local yacht builder, will offer guests the chance to sleep within a truly unique cocooned space up high in the trees.

The communal Aerohouse is equipped with bathrooms, rest and relaxation rooms and a kitchen connected to the treehouse rooms via a series of floating walkways and jungle paths. The resort’s Floating DNA Catwalk, inspired by the vertebrae of a spine, connects the ground to the tree deck making the resort accessible to wheelchair users.

Pictures: Aerohouse, wooden treehouse room and treehouse room outside seating area


Once open, the resort will offer guests a series of excursions and experiences to explore the local area including jungle trekking, kayaking, paddle boarding and yoga. The resort is also passionate about giving back to the local community and has already embarked on projects in the surrounding area, including reinstating a water mill at the site of the Shizogumui Waterfall which was last home to a mill over 100 years ago. The resort is powered purely by its own solar energy, omitting the need to use any fossil fuels.

Pictures: Treehouse room outside seating area by night, wooden treehouse room by night, wooden treehouse room interior


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