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Table Manners

Table manners

When eating buffet-style, avoid leaving food uneaten. You may be charged extra if you leave food uneaten. Also, don’t take drinks and edibles away with you.

Please do not bring your own food and beverages. The table is strictly reserved for orders from the menu. Fruit peelings, fish bones and other waste should be left on your plate and not dropped on the floor.

Some restaurants serve water and provide small towels for cleaning your hands. They’re free of charge and you can ask for more. However, you can’t take them away with you.

Many izakaya restaurants serve a small dish of food that you haven’t ordered. This is an appetizer, and it’s included in the table charge. About 200 to 500 yen is added to the bill for this. This depends on the restaurant. If it bothers you, ask when you enter a restaurant.