What to do in a Typhoon
  • Do not go outside, stay in your hotel; flying objects may hit you or you will be blow away.
  • Carefully watch the weather information before going out even when the storm is gone.
  • Keep away from glass windows when it is stormy.
  • Stay away from the beaches even after a typhoon passes through. Waves remain high.
  • Buses, monorails, planes, ships and other transportation may be affected, so check that services are running first.
  • If you are traveling in a group or on a package tour, consult your travel agent.
  • If you have an individual ticket, directly contact the airline that you have booked with.

*Use the following sites to obtain information about typhoons.

Typhoon Information (Tropical Cyclone Information) : Japan Meteorological Agency (External links) *English

Typhoon Preparedness Manual*2017 Edition (PDF) Language : Japanese / English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Korean