Free Wi-Fi Spots in Okinawa
Free Wi-Fi Spots in Okinawa

Authentication is required for Wi-Fi internet connection in Japan. At various free Wi-Fi areas you can access the internet by just inputting your authentication password or registering your email address.

Method of Use

Services where user authentication is required

Be.Okinawa Free Wi-Fi

This is a free Wi-Fi service recommended by Okinawa prefecture.
By doing authentication as a user, you can access the internet.

Access Area Access area map
Supported Language English, Simplified Chinese Character, Korean, Japanese
SSID Be.Okinawa_Free_Wi_Fi
User Registration User authentication is required either with an SNS account (Facebook, Twitter, Google) or email address
User Guide
User Authentication Procedure
Select the applicable SSID and start up the browser. Authentication screen will appear and select the applicable method of authentication.
Input necessary information for authentication in the provisional registration screen.
Start up the browser and once the website is confirmed, registration is final.

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi “OKINAWA FREE Wi-Fi”

This is Wi-Fi app used widely in Japan.
Various network is integrated in the app so once you register you can connect easily to free Wi-Fi in Okinawa.

*In order to use it, the app has to be downloaded and user registration is required. Before your travel, register at an internet connectable environment

Access Area  Wi-Fi area map
 Supported Language  English, Simplified Chinese Character, Korean, Japanese
 User Guide  How to use Okinawa free Wi-Fi user guide app (English) How to use Okinawa free Wi-Fi user guide app (Japanese)
 SSID  Differs with each network. Please check from the SSID list in the app.
 User Registration  SNS account (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microblogging) or email address, name, sex, age registration are required.
 Networks you can use  You can use it anywhere where the below sticker is shown in Naha city or Okinawa city. For more details please check the app.


This is Wi-Fi spot sticker

User registration such as email address is not required.
At locations where this sticker is shown, you can use free Wi-Fi, just by inputting an ID and password.
Please look at the map below for the available locations.
* If you are unsure about ID, password and method of use, please enquire at each location.