Everyday Manners
Everyday manners

Okinawans generally talk quietly in public places, on buses and the monorail.
Don’t spit on the road, or drop used chewing gum.

In Okinawa, litter shouldn’t be dropped on the street. It should be separated into cans, bottles, burnable and non-burnable garbage.
Smoking is prohibited in many places. Please smoke in designated smoking areas.

In most places, it’s the custom to join the line and wait your turn at cash registers, in restaurants and when waiting for the toilet.

There is no need to pay tips when shopping, at bars and restaurants, in hotels or taxis. Just saying “Arigato” is enough.

Don’t open the package of merchandise before paying for it. Wait until you’ve paid and left the shop.

Many establishments don’t accept credit cards, so it’s recommended to have some change with you. When taking buses, please prepare 1,000 yen bills and coins.

It’s unusual to go shirtless in Okinawa. Wearing swimwear and going shirtless except at the beach is frowned on.
It’s recommended to wear at least a T-shirt and short trousers.