Okinawa has it all for “workcationers”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could see the emerald green ocean and feel the smooth sea breeze on your face when you lift your head while working in front of your computer? Okinawa is ideal for the new lifestyle combining work and vacation that is currently attracting increasing interest.

Working surrounded by art

Work-friendly accommodation facilities are going up one after another in Okinawa Prefecture. For example,” Hotel Anteroom Naha” opened in February 2020 at the waterfront of Maejima in Naha City has 126 guest rooms, all with balconies and a harbor view. The hotel is like a Museum of Contemporary Art. It has a gallery of artworks and the sea as a backdrop.

“Workcationers” appreciate the comfortable lounge and café with power supply and Wi-Fi. At the terrace seats, they can concentrate on their work feeling the sea breeze and enjoying sunsets over the sea.
Naha’s central shopping districts like ”Kokusai Street” and ”Omoromachi” are close, and the countless restaurants in central Naha serve a wide variety of cuisines. ”Naminoue Beach” is a ten-minute walk away.

Laid-back retreat

Okinawa welcomes visitors with its relaxed atmosphere and the bright and friendly smiles of its people. Its subtropical climate means that the temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees Celsius, even in the winter. It’s both physically and mentally the perfect place for a working retreat. And after the day’s work, a scenic spot, marine activity, or gourmet food is never far away. Morning and sunset yoga on a sandy beach or a day-trip to remote islands or the national park wilderness in the northern part of the island on weekends and holidays can offer a welcome retreat and relaxation. That’s the reality for people who choose Okinawa for their workcation.
With its wide variety of activities within easy reach, and work-friendly accommodation is increasing, Okinawa is definitely a utopia for workcation that is currently attracting increasing interest.

3-27-11 Maejima, Naha, Okinawa, 900-0016, JAPAN
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Posted on November 4th, 2020
Text by Kari Valtaoja
Kari Valtaoja is a native of Finland who has made Okinawa his home for the last 40 years. He has experience working as a writer, editor, and publisher for nearly 50 years.