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All-in-one Amusement Mall

Visitors who only have a limited time available appreciate destinations offering leisure activities and shopping in one place without wasting time on transportation between attractions.
The multiplex facility, iias Okinawa Toyosaki opened on June 19, 2020.
The shopping mall has plenty of specialty and brand stores selling local and international products on its four floors and a wide selection of different restaurants.
It is located just south of Naha city, only a 20-minute drive from the airport.

Wonders of Semi-illusory Seaworld

The adjacent DMM Kariyushi Aquarium presents an entirely new kind of entertainment experience showcasing nature’s wonders through the latest visual expression and spatial representation.
The Aquarium presents the beautiful scenery and sky of Okinawa in its many variations.
Some features include a large screen panels that shows the changing weather in the background and swimming whale sharks in a well-balanced blend of real and virtual, and gracefully drifting jellyfish in cylindrical aquariums, and observing otters and penguin colonies.

Brands with Okinawan Identity

APARTMENT OKINAWA SEASIDE features speciality stores of apparel and accessories centered on Okinawa’s identity.
The concept calls for the merchandise to convey the present and expand the possibilities in the future of Okinawa, domestically and internationally.
They have a lineup of colorful and unique items that stand out in Okinawa. Among them, the accessory brand “JEENAR” made of dark blue firefly glass which is reminiscent of the sea of Okinawa, and the new sensation accessory “Paper Jewelry” made of paper.

A gift from the land of Okinawa

In the Yanbaru Gelato store on the first floor of the mall, visitors can taste gelato that Sherbeth Festival champion, Taizo Shibano produce.
All gelato in the shop is made using the highest quality local produce; some popular flavor incude purple sweet potato from Ie Island, Okinawan mango and Shekwasha citrus from Katsuyama. The shop offers nine flavors of gelato , six gelato bars, and premium soft cream using locally well known Miyahira Dairy Farm.

Orion ECO Churasan Beach

iias Okinawa Toyosaki has indeed succeeded in realizing its concept – easy reach from Naha Airport, good food to choose from, entertainment, nature, and Orion Eco Chura SUN Beach* nearby.

A shuttle bus links with the airport, and most major rental car operators have their offices next door. Foreign exchange and tax-free service at shops make the facility very convenient for international travelers.

It’s all that a time-conscious traveler could ask for. And it’s a fun place to visit and spend a day.

  • The name of “Churasan Beach” was changed to “Orion ECO Churasan Beach” in November 2020.

Posted on November 18, 2020
Text by Kari Valtaoja
Kari Valtaoja is a native of Finland who has made Okinawa his home for the last 40 years. He has experience working as a writer, editor, and publisher for nearly 50 years.

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