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Urumarché the Heart of Farm to Table

For travelers, it is always a good sign when you find a place that is popular with the locals. Urumarché, a market in Uruma City, is a focal point for sharing information on local food, and is filled with fresh and processed agricultural and marine products from Okinawa Main Island and also the outer islands. This is a great place to stop by when you’re visiting Okinawa’s east coast.


A market filled with delicious fresh food.

Around the world, people have begun to reevaluate the food they are eating in their daily life.
In November 2018, Urumarché opened as a market that connects the producers and buyers of agricultural and marine products. Urumarché has also become a place to share information about food, and draws in customers from across the island.

food court and restaurants
food court and restaurants

Tourists should stop by Urumarché to purchase their groceries, if they are self-catering or having a BBQ at one of the east coast beaches. Urumarché has fresh vegetables, fish, and meats, along with prepared bentos and a deli counter. It is a great place to take a lunch break whilst on your travels. Urumarché’s food court and restaurants provide a delicious array of dishes for visitors.

Kinpira burdock
Stuffed peppers

Connecting Uruma City, Okinawa, and the world through food.

At Urumarché when farmers deliver their freshly grown crops, customers often ask for advice on how to prepare them. The market has become a valuable place for communication between buyers and farmers. Urumarché can also function as a collaborative workplace where people can gather and use the kitchen studios and conference areas.

kitchen studios
conference area

The active connections between farmers and their customers have allowed the creation of new dishes through the collaborative exchange of ideas. Food is an essential part of life, and Urumarché wants to bring cheer to Uruma City, Okinawa, and the world through their positive food culture.

Urumarché is also the perfect place to purchase dried goods, confectionery and seasonings. Shimamugi Kanasan, a locally produced wheat flour, is loved by local bakers, pizza makers, and chefs who praise the flour’s springy texture and premium quality. Bread made using Shimamugi Kanasan is sold at the Urumarché bakery. The smell of freshly baked breads and pastries greets customers who visit the bakery.

Shimamugi Kanasan
shimañero pepper

Along with beaches, the east coast of Okinawa is the gateway to Henza Island, Miyagi Island and Hamahiga Island. There are so many fascinating places of interest near Urumarché, so why not schedule a trip to the east coast, and don’t forget to stop by Urumarché for shopping and a taste of mouth-watering Okinawan cuisine.

Posted on January 29th, 2021
Text by Kei Itaya
Magazine editor, writer, newspaper journalist in Tokyo and NYC for more than 15 years. Returned to her hometown of Okinawa in 2019.

This interview was conducted based on the guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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